What is a 1031 Exchange?

What is an exchange?

What is like-kind property?

What are TIC’s, or fractional ownership programs?

What if more than like-kind property is exchanged in the transaction?

What is fair market value?

What constitutes disposition?


1031 Exchange FAQ


What is a Certified Exchange Specialist (CES)?

The Certified Exchange Specialist is a professional designation given to individuals who possess certain work experience and have passed certain exams related to the 1031 Tax Exchange. The certification was created to provide consumer confidence to property owners. The certification demonstrates that the professional possesses a certain level of experience and knowledge within the realm of the 1031 Tax Exchange.

Being a Certified Exchange Specialist means that the professional maintains and meets a standard of knowledge regarding 1031 Tax Exchanges, their level of knowledge in the subject matter has been assessed and is deemed reliable and acceptable, and their background has been reviewed and accepted by the Federation of Exchange Accommodators. The certificate program in general formally recognizes these individuals and serves the public by promoting and encouraging reliability, consumer confidence, and quality 1031 Tax Exchanges.

The exam given to CES candidates covers a wide variety of topics related to 1031 Tax Exchanges and assesses their knowledge base. The test covers general transaction rules, facilitation of the exchange, general guidelines, and ethical considerations.

A national panel of 1031 Tax Exchange professionals created the CES designation in order to standardize and professionalize the 1031 Tax Exchange accommodator industry.


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